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Updated for 2021

Below you’ll find my site stats and a number of services I offer as a travel blogger and freelance writer.

Welcome Friends

Meet Sarah

Inspiring you to travel to unique destinations while teaching how to travel hack your way there.

Hi there! I’m Sarah and I’m so glad you found your way to this page so we can really get to know each other! I’m a part-time travel blogger and part-time freelance writer. 

I started this travel blog because I wanted something to look back on when I’m 80 and I’ve forgotten all the fun things I’ve done in life. But because of it, I’ve met some of my best friends, visited places I would have never thought of, and found my love for writing. That’s where the freelance writing comes in! Keep on scrollin’ for more info on all the services I offer.

by the numbers

You’ll find my blog and social media stats to the right. I am a small blogger, but I have a wildly loyal and engaged audience on both my blog and Instagram. If you choose to do a sponsored post on either platform, I can guarantee there will be interested eyes on the piece.


new long-form blog post published every week






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Freelance writing

If you are a brand looking to add a blog to your content strategy or if you run a blog and you’re looking to outsource, I’m your girl! I have been blogging for 4 years and She Travels serves as my portfolio site. I specialize in long-form travel blog posts, but can also write about finance, home, and DIY. Please feel free to contact me if you’re in a specific niche that I didn’t mention here. 

I typically write long-form blog posts (1500-3500 words). I have expertise with SEO and I can help bring traffic to your site through organic search results. Feel free to tap the button below to request my rates along with links to specific sample work.


Sponsorship Opportunities

individual and package Rates available upon request

These are you if you’re a product, service, tourism board, travel company, or property.

Sponsored Blog Post

You’ll get a dedicated blog post for your product, service, city, property, etc. I will try it for myself and then write a long-form blog post detailing my experience. The blog post will be marketed on both Instagram and Pinterest. I will supply my own photography and give you rights to use the photos if you wish.

Sponsored YouTube Video

An entire YouTube video (9-12 minutes) dedicated to your business, product, service, destination, etc. Depending on what you’re selling, the video will highlight my experience in or with your business/city. This can either be posted on my YouTube channel or be given straight to you to use how you’d like.

Sponsored Instagram Post

A dedicated feed post on Instagram highlighting your product, service, business, etc. This will stay on my feed forever. It’ll also be mentioned in my Instagram stories for 24 hours. I will supply my own photography and give you rights to use the photos if you wish.

Product Review

If you have a travel-related product  that you’d like reviewed, I can do so in the form of a blog post, Instagram post, and/or YouTube video. I have different rate for each of them. If you have a product that you’d like included in holiday gift guides, I am willing to test the product and include it for free if I like it. Feel free to inquire by scrolling down.

How to Book

If you’re interested in either booking me for freelance writing or a sponsorship, let’s chat! Click the button below and let me know a little bit about the project.

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