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How to Get to Positano, Italy

If you haven’t been to Positano yet, I’m sure you’ve seen its infamous coastline with pastel buildings lining the entire hill, running into some of the most beautiful beaches. And, on the off chance,

Top Virtual Tours You Can Take Without Leaving Your Couch

Some of the most famous museums, parks, zoos, and monuments have virtual tours that you can take online without ever leaving your home. There are a TON out there and I have compiled a list of the ones I think are worth taking.

Travel Diaries | Florence

I think it took so long for me to write this post because subconsciously, I knew whatever words I wrote down, they wouldn’t do Florence justice. However, I have a feeling the photos will

Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy

Travel Diaries | Rome, Italy

I recently posted about my trip to the Amalfi Coast (and the truth about traveling alone), but what happened after that? I went to Roma! This part of the trip is when I met

Travel Diaries | Amalfi Coast, Italy

I’m still battling the post-vacation blues, but what better way to remember the amazing adventure that was Italy than to start my blog post series on it? If you were following along with my