The Best AirBnB in Paris When Traveling on a Budget

Finding a place to stay in Paris can be hard because the city is so big! I'm sharing the best Airbnb in Paris when traveling on a budget. | paris travel | where to stay in paris | best hotel in paris | paris on a budget | france travel

Post Summary: We stayed at the best Airbnb in Paris (Latin Quarter)! The location is close to a lot of the major sites to see in Paris. Keep reading for a detailed review.

As I’m typing this, we are on our way from Paris to Annecy, France. This was my first time in Paris and it fully lived up to the hype! I’ll be writing a few posts about things we did and recommendations I have, but for now, I want to fill you in on the amazing Airbnb we stayed in.

Finding a place to stay in Paris or even figuring out where to stay in Paris can be a daunting task because the city is so large and there are so many hotels and rental units available.

I traveled with a couple friends who have been to Paris many times, so they knew their way around. Heather, writer for Ohio Girl Travels, always stays in the Latin Quarter, so we thought we’d look for an Airbnb around that area. We did well!

best airbnb in paris

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Best Airbnb Location in Paris

This was my first time in Paris, but we did see a lot of the city. This particular Airbnb was in the Latin Quarter. Heather was very familiar with this part of Paris, so it was very helpful for us to stay here and somewhat know our way around.

Of all the places we walked around, the Latin Quarter seemed to be the best area to stay for someone visiting Paris for the first time. Not only is it beautiful with the pretty, old architecture you expect when in Paris, but it’s so close to a lot of the museums and monuments that will likely be on your list as a first time visitor. The Louvre Museum, Sainte Chapelle, the Pantheon, Notre Dame, Luxembourg Gardens, and more are all within walking distance. You’ll also be very close to the Seine River which is a very beautiful place to watch the sunrise and sunset in Paris.

The downside to this area might be that it is far from the Eiffle Tower. That said, there are plenty of Metro stops here that will get you to the Eiffle Tower in about 20 minutes. Being so close to so many other things you’ll want to do and see is worth it in my eyes!

I also really enjoyed that this specific Airbnb was one street over from a very busy street. I liked the residental, neighboorhood vibe we got while also being close to a lot of cafes and stores.

best airbnb in paris

The Interior of the Airbnb

The interior of this Airbnb was almost exactly my ideal style. It was a mix of industrial design and French countryside. The large metal doors and the over-grouted brick/stone were my favorite parts of the house.

The building actually used to be a library, so the layout isn’t what you might expect. You walk in and are greeted with a lofted sitting area which is where I worked for a few days. On your left is a room with two twin beds that were comfortable enough not to make my back or neck sore. As you keep walking, you’ll see a staircase on your right which takes you into a basement where the kitchen and bathroom are. The furthest room has a queen bed.

I’d say this Airbnb can comfortably house 4 guests – assuming two are sleeping in the queen bed and one person each on a twin bed.

best airbnb in paris

best airbnb in paris
best airbnb in paris

The Hospitality of the Host

Of everything I liked about this Airbnb, the hospitality of the host was one of the best! We never met him in person (I wish we had!), but he was in constant contact with us about restaurants to try and places to see. He even took the time to explain to us why there would be increased police presence a few of the days and assured us not to be alarmed!

We ended up trying a few of his cafe recommendations and they were great! I wish we had more time so we could try them all and possibly even meet our gracious host, but there’s always next time!

Other Places to Stay

Of course, this isn’t the only Airbnb in Paris, or even in the Latin Quarter – here are a few others we were considering in case this one is booked up or if you just want some options! Click on the photos to visit the Airbnb listings.


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